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Hockey Challenges

Did you know that the manager can challenge a ruling made by the referee in an ice hockey game? Get ready to learn about the challenges in ice hockey.


We've already learned about the officials and the referee in the last tutorial. They are responsible for interpreting the rulebook and calling penalties on players and teams when the rules of the game are broken.

Coach's Challenges

If the manager or coach of an ice hockey team believes the ruling on the ice by the referee was incorrect, he can challenge it.

hockey coaches challenge

Instant Replay

A challenge requires a review of the previous play through something called instant replay. Instant replay is technology in lots of sports around the world that allows for the officials and fans to see the previous play from various angles and perspectives. This helps the referee to ultimately make his final decision. You'd be amazed at how much slow-motion and a different perspective adds to an ice hockey game.

Challenge Rules

Here are the rules of challenges in ice hockey:

  • each team gets one coach's challenge per game
  • a team must have their timeout available to use
  • a team can only request a coach's challenge on plays that involve potential goals from offsides or goalkeeper interference

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