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Hockey Backchecking

Backchecking is a defensive strategy used by players to defend against goals by rushing back to the defensive zone. Get ready to learn about backchecking in ice hockey.


We've already learned about when a team is on offense and when a team is on defense in ice hockey. We've also learned about the attacking zone, defensive zone, and neutral zone.

In this tutorial, we will learn about backchecking and why it is an effective strategy for the defending team in ice hockey.


When a team loses possession of the puck in the attacking zone they need to be quick to stop players on the opposing team bringing the puck into their defensive zone to score a goal. They can help defend against goals through an effect backcheck.

Hockey Backcheck

Backchecking is a strategy in ice hockey where players transition from offense to defense moving quickly from the attacking zone to the defensive zone to neutralize opposing players.

Players will skate back to the defensive zone and then turn to face opposing players preventing them from having a clear breakaway. An effective backcheck can have multiple defensive players guarding a single opposing player.

REMEBER: Backchecking is not the same as checking. Checking is the act of skating into a player utilizing the boards in hopes of regaining possession of the puck.

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