What is Deer Hunting?

deer hunting

Deer hunting is a primarily casual sport where hunters track down and capture deer. This usually occurs in heavily wooded areas. Deer are hunted for their meat, hide, and antlers. There are currently 43 recognized species of deer across the world. The main weapons used for deer hunting are recurve bows, compound bows, rifles, and knives. The sport requires both patience and stealth.


Deer hunting is an age-old practice and can be traced back to before modern civilization. Artifacts and cave paintings found in Europe illustrate the sport of hunting to have existed as long as 350,000 years ago. The basic principle of hunting is known to have originated in Africa over 2 million years ago. People began to hunt deer for food and other lifestyle improvements. Some of these include using hides for clothing and carpeting, while deer bones also make sturdy weapons. Deer hunting today is far more advanced, but the principles have not changed much. The introduction of compound bows have made it easier to aim and shoot a deer.


People hunt deer mainly for gathering food, but deer also offer other materials. Some hunters like to display the animals they catch by stuffing and hanging up their heads. Also, selling deer hides can result in decent profit. Casual hunters have a limit on how many deer they can capture, so finding the biggest one is their main goal. On the other hand, hunting competitions require the winner to catch either the heaviest deer or the most deer out of all the participants.


Hunting Equipment

Below is a list of deer hunting equipment:

  • Backpack: To store your equipment and hunted game.
  • Batteries: Used to power flashlights and other electronic equipment.
  • Binoculars: To see game that is too far away to see with the naked eye
  • Bug Repellant: Used to help keep pesky bugs away while hunting in wooded areas.
  • Compound Bow: A modern weapon used to shoot deer.
  • Deer Call: A device that generates a sound that attracts deer to the area.
  • Decoys: A fake deer figure used to attract other deer into the area.
  • First Aid: Used to treat potential injuries while hunting.
  • Flashlight: To provide light when the sun sets while in the woods.
  • Food: Provides energy and nutrients in order to focus.
  • Knife: Used to harvest the remains of a deer. Also a secondary weapon.
  • Map: To keep track of the area being hunted.
  • Phone: Used to contact help in case of an emergency.
  • Recurve Bow: Old-fashioned weapon used to shoot deer.
  • Rifle: High-powered gun that shoots deer from long distances.
  • Shelter: Used to protect from bad weather and other animals.
  • Water: Provides nutrients and keeps the body hydrated.


Deer Hunting Rules

Below are the list of the basic rules and regulations for deer hunting:

  • Obtaining a hunting license: Most states and countries require hunters to be certified with a license. This proves that basic knowledge is known about hunting and awareness of other rules.
  • Deer limits: In order to preserve wildlife, places often have a limit on how many deer you can kill during a hunting trip. This number usually varies by season.
  • Wearing bright colors: Hunters are required to wear bright colored vests or clothing to ensure their safety. This ensures that other hunters do not confuse someone else with a deer and attempt to shoot them.


Trophy hunting in general is banned in a number of countries. This includes Costa Rica, Kenya, and Malawi. Most other countries permit hunting but with heavy restrictions. These laws are put into place mainly to protect wildlife and prevent them from becoming endangered. Most states have different laws on how hunting is conducted in order to make sure that deer do not go extinct.

States also determine when their residents can hunt deer. Generally, most hunting seasons are from September to February. Not all days between these months are allowed, only certain blocked off periods. Unlike the United States, the UK sorts their deer hunting schedule based on species in order to keep track of how many are harvested.

What should I look for when hunting deer?

The first thing to look for when deer hunting is a good place to set up camp. Picking notable locations makes it easy for hunters to find their way back. Next, finding animal signs such as tracks or droppings will lead you to deer. Searching near water and food sources will also help locate deer. Trees are helpful and provide cover, but hunters need a location with a clear lane to shoot at targets. Finally, make sure there are no dangerous plants or debris in the area.