Handball Shoes

Handball Shoes

Handball requires proper footwear that can handle players’ quick movements and sharp turns throughout games and practices. This indoor sport made its Olympic debut in 1972. Since then, handball shoes have helped provide the best traction for players. Major sports brands have developed different types of shoes to allow for optimal performance.

Benefits of Handball Shoes

It can be argued that handball shoes are the most important pieces of apparel used in the game of handball. Having an advantage in speed and sharp changes of direction is essential in this sport. There are many design features of handball shoes that allow for enhanced performance on an indoor court. These shoes are built with gum rubber soles, which provide a better grip on slippery indoor surfaces. 

Another important benefit to handball shoes is the lightness that players feel when wearing them. Most handball shoes weigh around 10.6 ounces; their lightweight construction enhances running and jumping efforts while playing the game. Finally, a lot of handball shoes come with breathable materials. Specifically, having more mesh material in the design of the shoe helps prevent the player's feet from getting too hot during a game.  

Things To Consider

When looking for handball shoes, you'll want to consider the following:

  • What size handball shoes do you need?
  • How much are you looking to spend on handball shoes?
  • What kind of handball shoes are you looking for?

What are you looking for in handball shoes?

  • Affordability
  • Durability
  • Ankle support
  • Youth-sized
  • Adult-sized
  • Grip
  • Style


The most popular types of handball shoes include the low-top and mid-top.


Handball Low Top Shoes

The low-top handball shoe is defined by its design near the ankle. This type of shoe has a low collar, which doesn’t cover the ankle. As a result, players have more mobility, which can make sharp changes in direction easier. However, they don’t have ankle support, increasing the chances of suffering an ankle injury.


  • Lighter shoe
  • Better mobility
  • Less likely to heat up player’s feet


  • Not as much ankle support
  • Can slip off more easily
  • Less common shoe to purchase


Handball Mid Top Shoes

The mid-top handball shoe has a collar that goes up slightly higher than low-top shoes. It is designed to cover the ankle of a player. As a result, it will weigh a little bit more than a low-top shoe. This higher collar also helps provide extra stability to the ankle and can aid in preventing injury.


  • More ankle support
  • Helps create more stability
  • Protects players from errant handballs


  • Can weigh more
  • Doesn’t allow as much mobility
  • Can be more expensive


The most popular brands of handball shoes include ASICS, Mizuno, and Adidas.


This brand of handball shoes produces some of the highest quality shoes that players can purchase. In particular, these shoes offer enhanced cushioning, grip, and stability. This handball shoe brand is used by players who excel in speed and agility. In addition, players can choose from low-top and high-top options.


Mizuno offers Wave-Plate technology, which is an advanced cushioning system that provides extra stability. Players who are looking for a light handball shoe should make use of this brand. Due to the lightness of their shoes, players can expect to see an increase in agility.


Adidas is known for producing the most famous handball shoes on the market. This shoe brand is best known to support players during constant changes of direction. As a result, the brand captures the combination of elegance and stability. Adidas is known to produce shoes for all kinds of sports in addition to handball.


How do you know what size handball shoes you need?

Handball shoe sizing is identical to United States standard sizing for normal shoes. For example, a person who’s foot is 8.75 inches in length should wear a size 5.5 handball shoe, and a person who’s foot is 9.25 inches in length should wear a size 7 handball shoe. This gradual increase in foot length and shoe length stays consistent. 

How much do handball shoes cost?

The pricing of handball shoes will depend on the quality of materials and production used to create the shoes. In addition, the particular type of brand will have an influence on the pricing of a handball shoe. Some of the cheapest types of Mizuno shoes can cost around $45. On the other hand, Kempa offers more expensive pairs of shoes that cost around $250. Most handball shoes will cost somewhere within these prices.

Can you wear basketball shoes while playing handball?

For outdoor play, it is not recommended to wear basketball shoes. This is because basketball shoes can't grip into the grass. However, basketball shoes are a relatively solid option for indoor handball. The rubber soles of basketball shoes are similar to the soles of handball shoes. In addition, basketball shoes can offer extra ankle support and allow players to change directions quickly.