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List of Handball Skills

List of Handball Skills

In order to play handball you must learn a certain number of skills and practice them until they are second nature. Most of the skills in the list below can be transferable to other sports, but playing handball is definitely a unique experience.


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List of Handball Skills

  • Dribbling: It is important to know how to dribble when entering a game of handball. If you are a ball carrier, you must dribble in order to move up the court. Focus on dribbling with the same size ball that you will use during a game, or smaller to develop better coordination.
  • Throwing: Throwing the ball is vitally important to the game of handball. You will be throwing the ball to either shoot or pass to a teammate. Practice throwing with both hands, also both overhand and underhand motions. Being able to pass or shoot with either hand is a good skill to have.
  • Catching: Catching is most often used when being passed the ball or when playing goalie. It is important to work on hand-eye coordination because if you drop the ball you give your opponents a chance to get possession. While playing in goal, catching the ball well will help you not let a lot of goals in your net.
  • Jumping: This skill is important for offensive players who shoot the ball often. Sometimes in handball players perform a jump shot, which means they jump before throwing the ball at the net. Jumping can also be used when catching the ball if it is above your head.
  • Saving: This skill is important for mostly goalies, but sometimes other players on the court as well. Being able to save the ball by either catching or deflecting it will help your team stay in the game. Defenders can also save the ball indirectly by using their body to block shots from the other team.
  • Accuracy: This might be the most important skill to have for handball. Accuracy is needed throughout the game. Having good accuracy when you shoot will result in a better chance of scoring, which will help your team win. When passing, accuracy is helpful because you will aid your teammates in keeping possession, which could lead to a goal.
  • Power: This skill is mostly needed for shooting the ball towards the net. Combined with accuracy, powered shots will be difficult for any goalkeeper to save. You can practice your power throws against a wall or with a teammate in net. Be sure to control where the ball is thrown so you do not miss the target.
  • Running: While you are not running the whole time during a handball game, it is still an important skill. Being able to get by defenders and make your way towards the net is easier when you are fast. There are tons of drills that you can do to increase your speed and acceleration.
  • Blocking: In handball, blocking is mostly used in the form of a pick and roll. Similar to basketball, a teammate will stand in front of a defender so that the ball carrier can go by easily. This is an important skill because it creates space for a player to either pass or shoot the ball on net.

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