Handball Jerseys

Handball Jersey

Handball jerseys are one of the most important pieces of equipment used in handball; they identify a player’s team during a game. Here is some information on the types and brands available, as well as considerations to make when purchasing handball jerseys.

What are Handball Jerseys Used For?

Handball jerseys are mainly used to signify which teams players represent. These jerseys come in short and long-sleeve athletic-style shirts. Each team’s jerseys come in unique color sets and designs that differentiate them from the opposing team.

Handball jerseys feature a team name or logo on the front with embroidered logos or advertisements in the center and shoulder area. The jerseys also usually include a jersey number and apparel provider logo on the front of the jersey. The jersey may also feature the number and last name or team name on the back. Similar to soccer, each team’s goalkeeper wears a different colored jersey from the rest of the team to signify their position.

What Should You Look For in a Handball Jersey?

When looking for handball jerseys, you'll want to consider the following questions: what size handball jersey are you looking for? What kind of handball jersey do you want? How much are you looking to spend on a handball jersey? Do you play goalkeeper, and thus need a different color jersey?

Once you have determined the best type of jersey for you, there are many other factors to consider when choosing a specific brand or jersey fabric to use. These factors include:

  • Affordability
  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Adult-Sized vs. Youth-Sized
  • Style

The ideal handball jersey will feature a good combination of the features above. Now, let’s take a look at the different types of handball jerseys you can choose from, the brands that make them, and their prices!

Types of Handball Jerseys

Jerseys are a key piece of apparel in handball and they come in both short and long-sleeved styles. Below, we will discuss both types of jerseys and the pros and cons of each.

Short-Sleeved Handball Jerseys

Handball Short Sleeve Jersey

Short-sleeve handball jerseys are the primary type of jersey. Short-sleeve jerseys are usually made with athletic and quick-drying polyester that benefits handball players. These jerseys come in a longer and more fitted style with advanced striping and embroidered logos on the front. These jerseys are the most practical style and typically cost roughly $25.


  • Quick-drying athletic material
  • Longer and more fitted styles available
  • Practical


  • Not as suitable for cold or inclement weather
  • May be more expensive than long-sleeved jerseys

Long-Sleeved Handball Jerseys

Handball Long Sleeve Jersey

Long-sleeve handball jerseys are another popular and simple type of jersey worn by handball players. These long-sleeve jerseys are made out of polyester with mesh sleeves for cooling and ventilation. Long-sleeve jerseys come in a variety of colors with simple patterns and stripes. These jerseys follow the same size pattern as short-sleeve jerseys and cost around $20.


  • Good for cooler or more inclement outdoor weather
  • Typically include mesh sleeves to keep players cool
  • Somewhat cheaper than short-sleeved jerseys


  • May increase body temperature indoors
  • Less practical for indoors than short-sleeved jerseys

Handball Jersey Brands

Handball jerseys are produced by a variety of different brands, but the three most common are Adidas, Hummel, and Kempa.


Adidas is one of the largest athletic apparel and equipment manufacturers in the world and one of the main handball jersey manufacturers. Adidas offers short and long-sleeved jerseys in four different styles. Their jerseys come in eight different colors with unique Adidas striping and designs. Their jerseys can cost anywhere from $10 to $35.


Hummel is the largest handball jersey company. Hummel offers the widest selection of jerseys in six different sizes. Their jerseys come in three different fits for both men and women: regular, slim, and tight. Hummel offers handball jerseys with both basic colors, enhanced colors, and designs that cost as low as $10.


Kempa is one of the major handball jersey manufacturers for men’s and women’s handball competitions. While Kempa makes both short and long sleeve styles, they specialize in short sleeve jerseys. Their jerseys come in three unique styles with a collection of different colors and stripes on the jersey. Kempa’s jerseys are relatively cheap and cost anywhere from $15 to $35 based on the jersey design.


How much do handball jerseys cost?

Handball jerseys are an essential piece of handball equipment and are fairly affordable, sometimes costing as low as $20 and usually only rising to as much as $80. The price of the jersey depends on the colors, logos, jersey designs, and quality of the jersey material. For example, a simple handball jersey that comes in one to two colors with no jersey patches will cost about $20. Other jerseys with unique striping, jersey patches, replicas, etc., will cost upwards of $30.

How do you clean a handball jersey?

Handball jerseys are delicate pieces of equipment and require special care and instructions when washing and cleaning them. When washing your jersey, you want to wash it on low heat with gentle detergent and without fabric softener. Instead of using the dryer, you want to air dry your jersey to prevent shrinking or tapestry damage to the jersey.

How do you know what size handball jersey you need?

Handball jerseys run on a number system size chart that spans from size 2 to 12 for adults. The sizes are based on the chest circumferences for adults and heights for kids, both measured in inches. When looking for a jersey, you want to pick one that best suits your measurements and desired fit.