Is Handball An Olympic Sport?

Is Handball An Olympic Sport

Handball is an up-and-coming sport that is extremely popular in Europe and growing in popularity in the Western Hemisphere. Having a long history, handball is an intense and exciting combination of sports like basketball, soccer, hockey, and rugby. As of now, handball might not be the most renowned sport in the world, but is it popular enough to be in the Olympic Games? Below, we take a look at the question of whether handball is an Olympic sport.

Is Handball a Sport in the Olympic Games?

To answer this question simply, yes! Handball is an Olympic sport, and its indoor version has been part of the Summer Olympics since 1972. Women’s handball is also part of the Olympic Games. Read on to learn when handball became an Olympic sport, its history at the games, and which countries have won the most Olympic medals in handball!  

When Did Handball Become an Olympic Sport?

Indoor men’s handball was added to the Olympics in 1972 during the Summer Olympics in Munich. Women’s indoor handball competitions were first added to the games in the 1976 Montreal Games.