How Much Do Handball Tickets Cost?

How Much Do Handball Tickets Cost

Handball is a team sport played all over the world, with 27 million registered players in 180 different countries. Handball ranges from youth leagues and collegiate play to the Olympics, and ticket prices span a wildly varying range depending on the level of play. Due to handball’s limited popularity around the globe and in the United States compared to other sports, tickets to attend handball events are relatively inexpensive. On the bright side, this makes it a great sport to get into as a spectator on a budget! Continue reading for a breakdown of ticket prices and additional considerations for attending handball events at various levels of competition.

Collegiate Handball

Team USA Handball created the Team USA Collegiate Handball Strategic Plan in order to grow handball clubs, increase collegiate-level interest, and act as a feeder for the Olympics. College and youth handball tickets are relatively inexpensive and often free. This is particularly true in the United States, as there is not a huge interest in the sport compared to other American collegiate sports. That said, it is a growing sport at both the collegiate and Olympic levels.

The 2022 USA Team Handball College and Youth National Championships were held at UNC-Chapel Hill. Each event was streamed live via their website. Per the official Team USA Handball page, tickets for streaming a single event are $3.99, and tickets for the whole season, which include replay and live access to every event in the tournament, are only $4.99. College handball matches are typically free to attend in person.

Olympic Handball

The highest level of competition for handball is Olympic play. Olympic handball is also the most popular handball competition there is, which is not always the case for every sport. Tickets for handball events in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics ranged from $40 to $230 per event. Ticket prices varied depending on the gender of the event and the round of the tournament.

The most expensive tickets are always for the gold medal final matches, and the least expensive are always for the preliminary rounds. Ticket prices also vary by gender, with the men’s matches costing a bit more than the women’s. For example, tickets to the women’s quarterfinals at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics were $81.50, whereas tickets to the men’s quarterfinals were $116.44. Tickets to the men’s preliminary round were $110 and tickets to the men’s finals were $230. Handball is relatively inexpensive at the Olympic level compared to other sports.

Additional Considerations

Whether you plan on attending a collegiate handball tournament or the Olympics, keep an eye out for bundles. Since most handball events are conducted in tournament style competitions, they often span a range of dates in one venue. Many handball events are held in sport complexes and convention centers. Some additional considerations to make would include travel, lodging, and dining. Bundling for airfare, hotel, travel expenses, etc., is a great way to get the most bang for your buck if you plan to attend a weekend-long tournament.

There aren’t many handball-specific bundles advertised online, as it is not the most popular sport and, therefore, there is not much incentive to build bundles around it; however, the sport itself is fairly inexpensive to attend, even at the Olympic level. There are lots of general bundles for attending the Olympics and then selecting which events you want to prioritize seeing. While it may not be the most popular sport in the world, handball’s popularity is growing, and now is a great time to get invested in spectating for a relatively low cost!