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How Long Is An Olympic Team Handball Game?

How Long Is An Olympic Team Handball Game?

An Olympic handball match is divided into two 30-minute periods, with a 10-minute break at half-time, in which the teams can go to the locker room.

During the game, the clock counts up from 0 to 30 minutes. Once time hits 30, all action is stopped, and no goals scored after the time ended are counted. Handball prides itself in being a very fast-paced and quick game, with very few interruptions. That way, the clock doesn't stop in handball, except when coaches call a timeout. Understandably, that leaves room for teams to try to burn time out. With that, there are some other time-related rules that keep handball moving, and stops teams from burning too much time. All in all, a typical Olympic handball match lasts around one hour and a half, most of which the ball will be going from hand to hand.

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If at the end of the second 20-minute half, the handball match is still tied, overtime will be played. In handball, overtime consists of 10 more minutes of gameplay, divided in two periods, only this time with no 10-minute break. If after those 10 extra minutes the teams are still tied, there won't be any more extra time added, and teams will do shootouts to decide the winner of the match.