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Handball is a team game, the objective is to throw the ball into the opposing team's goal. Handball is an olympic sport, and it is played throughout the world. This sport is fast paced and full of action. Players pass and dribble the ball to move it around the court. Players are allowed to hold the ball for three seconds before they must dribble or pass. Each team has six court players and one goalie playing at one time. Handball is considered to be a combination of basketball, water polo, and soccer. In Europe, handball remains one of the most popular sports to this day.


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What is handball?

Handball is a sport that involves throwing, running, or dribbling a ball to try and score on the opponent's goal. Handball is fast paced and physical. Often, it is considered to be a combination of basketball, soccer, and water polo.

What are the 5 rules of handball?

  1. When a player receives the ball they have 3 seconds to dribble, throw, or run.
  2. Each team is allowed 7 players, 6 court players and a goalkeeper.
  3. The goalkeeper is the player one allowed to stand inside the goal area.
  4. Players cannot trip, push, hit, or charge opponents.
  5. If a penalty is seen by a referee, there are a number of punishments that may be called.

Who created handball?

Although it likely handball has much deeper roots, the first official set of rules was published in the early 1900s by a Danish gym teacher.

How do you play handball?

Handball is played on a rectangular court with a goal on either end. Each team fields six attacking and defending players and one goalie. The teams attempt to score goals by throwing a hand-sized ball into the net. Each regulation game takes 60 minutes, with two equal halves and a break in between. The winning team is whoever has the most goals when time expires.

Handball is most popular in Europe. Specifically, Denmark and France are 2 of the most popular handball countries.

What are the rules and regulations of handball?

To move the ball, players can pass to a teammate, dribble by bouncing the ball on the ground and/or they can take three steps. If they travel by taking more than the allotted number of steps, then a turnover occurs. There is a semi-circle surrounding the goal, called the crease, that only the goalie is allowed into. If a player steps inside it is a violation. However, they can land inside the crease if they jump and shoot from behind the line.

In handball it is illegal for players to kick the ball or to strike an opponent in any way. The referee can award a penalty shot for a serious foul or infraction and can discipline the offending player with a yellow or red card.

What is the history of handball?

Handball, also known as team handball, was originally created in northern Europe in the 1800's. The more modernized variant began in 1917 and grew so quickly that by 1936, handball was already an Olympic sport. While played throughout the world, it is most popular and widely-played in Europe.


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