Best Gymnastic Chalks Ranked

Best Gymnastic Chalk To Buy

Chalk can be an incredibly important piece of equipment for gymnasts, and there are many options to choose from. Assembled below is a list of the top 10 gymnastic chalks available for you to purchase so you can decide what works best for your routine.

1. Gibson Athletic Premium Block Gym Chalk

Gibson Athletic’s Gym comes in eight 2 ounce blocks, providing you with 1 pound of chalk in total. One of the highest rated chalks on Amazon, these packs will keep your grip firm during training and competitions. The eight magnesium carbonate chalk blocks will keep your hands dry for months!

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2. Z Athletic Chalk Balls

Z Athletic chalk is contained in a fabric ball, allowing for a controlled amount of chalk to be distributed to the athletes’ hands and helping to avoid spills. It is refillable and can also be used for other sports such as rock climbing and weightlifting.

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3. Bryo Refillable 3 oz Chalk Ball Sock

Bryo’s 100% magnesium carbonate chalk balls are refillable and come in a small, drawstring storage bag to keep your gymnastics bag clean! The chalk ball provides the perfect dusting of chalk on your hands and is refillable.

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4. SPORTMEDIQ Pro Grade Liquid Chalk

Coming in a convenient 8.5 ounce squirt bottle, SPORTMEDIQ’s liquid chalk is just right for gymnasts who don’t want to breathe in any dusty chalk. Keeping your hands dry and your clothes clean, this chalk is mess-free and provides a firm grip during your routines.

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5. SPRI Chalk Block, Chalk Ball & Liquid Chalk

An Amazon best seller, SPRI offers chalk blocks, chalk balls, and liquid chalk for reasonable prices. You have the option to buy single or multiple blocks and balls, or a small tube of liquid chalk. Whichever you choose, SPRI chalk will do a great job of keeping your grip solid!

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6. 321 STRONG Refillable Chalk Ball

With a 2.3 ounce capacity, 321 STRONG’s chalk ball is another perfect option for gymnasts who don’t want to use liquid chalk, but still want to keep the mess to a minimum. This chalk will increase and tighten your grip, and allows for refills.

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7. IRON AMERICAN Liquid Sports Chalk

IRON AMERICAN’s liquid chalk is another great product for gymnasts looking to stay away from chalk blocks or balls. With an 8.3 ounce bottle and a 1.7 ounce travel bottle, you’ll be set for plenty of competitions and training sessions. Long-lasting and easy to use, this chalk is for gymnasts looking to tighten their grips.

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8. Peak District Chalk Balls

Peak District’s 100% magnesium carbonate chalk balls will keep chalk on your hands for as long as you need! With two 2.6 ounce refillable chalk balls included in a pack, their chalk is long-lasting and perfect for travel or competitions.

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9. Hammer Grip Liquid Chalk

Hammer Grip’s liquid chalk comes in bottles that can hold 1 liter of chalk, or bottles that only hold 50 milliliters. These size offerings make their chalk perfect for gymnasts looking to test out liquid chalk for the first time, or gymnasts who know they’ll be using the chalk for a long time.

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10. Cramer Block Chalk

Cramer’s block chalk is another product for gymnasts who love block chalk, but don’t want to break the bank! With two 2 ounce blocks, this will keep you prepared for your routines and make sure your grip is firm.

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What are the different kinds of chalk used in gymnastics?

There are three different types of chalk that you can use for gymnastics. You can get it in liquid form, block form, or powder form. Each comes with its own benefits and characteristics, and gymnasts usually have a preference on which time they like to use. Liquid chalk can be sprayed on the hands and feet and will dry after a short amount of time. Block and powder chalk usually come in a bowl so that gymnasts can rub it in on their hands without getting chalk in the air.

How much does gymnastics chalk cost?

If you are just looking to buy chalk for yourself, you can expect to spend between $5 and $20. The price for gymnastics chalk will vary depending on the type, brand, and how much it contains. Gyms may buy chalk in bulk, so those large amounts will cost more, but it may be a better deal than buying a single bag more often.

Do gymnasts have to use chalk?

No, gymnasts are not required to use chalk while competing. However, it can be extremely beneficial to gymnasts. Chalk provides gymnasts with a stronger, less slippery grip during their routines. This allows them to perform more complicated routines without as much fear of injury. Almost all competitive gymnasts use chalk, but some might be fine without it. If you’re uncertain about using chalk in your routine, test it out in training and see what you think!

Why is chalk so important in gymnastics?

Chalk is an important part of gymnastics because it can not only improve performance, but it also keeps gymnasts safe. When competing, chalk can help athletes with their grip strength, so they do not slip off of the equipment. If they fall, they will not only lose points, but they risk getting injured as well. Chalk is also helpful because it reduces friction on certain apparatuses. For example, on the uneven bars, if gymnasts did not have chalk, they would have more friction between their hands and the bar and may tear their skin or not be able to complete their rotations around the bar. Chalk is an essential part of the sport because it boosts performance and protects the gymnasts.