Why Is Golf Expensive To Play?

Why is Golf so Expensive to Play

Golf can be expensive to play because of the equipment required and the need for upkeep on greens.

Like any sport, golf requires the use of specialized equipment in order to play. However, over the years, this equipment has become more specialized and refined. Clubs hit harder, balls travel further, and even gloves have a better grip. This increase in quality has most likely been a direct contributor, albeit not the only one, to the expensiveness of the sport. Also contributing to the expense gap of the sport are its difficulty curve, as well as the cost of membership associated with joining certain golf clubs or leagues.


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In addition to golf clubs, golfers require a myriad of other equipment to play the sport. This includes bags to hold the clubs, a large number of golf balls, tees to hit elevated shots, rags to clean dirty or muddy golf balls, shoes that are permitted to walk on the greens, and gloves to grip the clubs with. Each golfer is absolutely required to purchase at least one putter, wedge, and iron, at the bare minimum, to compete. These clubs often have a steep price tag, seeing as how they are most essential for play. Used clubs are typically available at a lower price, however.

Getting Started

Golf courses are expensive endeavors. To play a casual round of golf, one may be charged upwards of $50, depending on the prestige of the course. Many courses require a membership to play, further increasing the price tag. In addition, it is hardly likely that a person interested in golf is naturally able to understand and play the game. Thus, one will most likely require some level of training to help understand the basic rules and functions of play, leading to an additional cost.

If you are interested in golf, it is important to keep these costs in mind, as such costs may change your mind about wanting to pursue the sport recreationally.

Here, we can see the various essentials needed to play golf. From clubs to shoes, this equipment can ring up a hefty price tag, especially when purchased new as opposed to used.