Who Is The Oldest And Youngest Golfer To Win The British Open?

The British Open

The British Open, also often called The Open Championship, is the oldest golf tournament in the world. It is one of the four major golf tournaments on the PGA Tour. The tournament rotates between nine courses in Great Britain. The first British Open was played in 1860 at Prestwick Golf Club in Scotland and won by Willie Park Sr. Although the British Open is a tough major to win, it has been won by many players, both young and old. This article will show you the youngest and oldest golfer to win the British Open.

Young Tom Morris

Young Tom Morris

The youngest player ever to win the British Open is Tom Morris. Believe it or not, his nickname is actually “Young” Tom Morris. In 1868, Tom Morris won the British Open at the age of 17 years old. It was only the ninth British Open ever played, but he remains the youngest winner ever. His victory in 1968 was the start of four consecutive British Open victories for Morris. In his first 1968 victory, Young Tom Morris defeated his father, Old Tom Morris, by three strokes.

Old Tom Morris

old tom morris

The oldest British Open winner is none other than the father of the youngest. Tom Morris Sr, also known as Old Tom Morris, holds the oldest British Open winner record. In 1867, just a year before his son set the record for the youngest winner, Tom Morris Sr. became the oldest winner at 46. It was the fourth British Open victory for Tom Morris Sr. He shot 170, defeating Willie Park Sr. by two strokes and beating his son by five strokes. The father and son duo won four British Opens each, which is the most by any father-son tandem.