Who Is Bubba Watson In Golf?

Bubba Watson, a professional golfer and winner of 10 PGA Tour tournaments, including two Masters victories, is known to be one of the longest hitters in the game today. Standing at 6'3 with a slight build, Watson possesses an unorthodox swing that enables him to hit drives well over 300 yards. Let's take a look at how Watson generates incredible speed and power throughout his swing.

Watson has arguably the longest backswing on tour, taking the club back on a vertical swing plane well past parallel at the top of his swing, which generates significant leverage. He also rotates his hips and shoulders significantly in the backswing, which helps create a long swing arc. Once he completes his backswing, Watson unwinds his lower body by firing his hips and hitting the ball with an exceptionally high swing speed.

A bigger turn or rotational movement through the golf swing equates to a longer swing arc and greater swing speed, allowing a player like Bubba Watson to smash the ball a long ways despite his lack of muscle mass.