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Who Are The Richest Golfers?

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods are the two highest paid golfers of all time. Mickelson is worth $94.6 million, and has earned $90.3 million from PGA Tour events. He has 54 overall wins, and 5 major championships. Tiger Woods is worth $122.5 million, and has earned $116.2 million from PGA Tour events. He has 120 overall wins and 14 major championships. These two golfers are regarded as arguably the best of all time. They both have numerous sponsorship and advertising deals, and are the two most well known names in the sport of golf.

These two golfers used their fame and fortune to organize "The Match." The Match was an unofficial PGA Event that had a cash prize of $9 million. The event was heavily marketed, and it was hyped up for months ahead of the event. Mickelson won $600,000 worth of challenges, while Woods won $200,000. All of the challenge money was donated to charity. The two also had numerous side bets. For example, Mickelson bet Woods $100,000 that he would birdie the first hole. Woods responded, daring him to double the bet, making it $200,000. When you are the two richest figures in golf, you are able to make these bets, and create a lot more entertainment for the viewers.


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