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What Is Wedge Bounce In Golf?

What is wedge bounce in golf?

In golf, wedge bounce is a term used to describe the angle formed between the leading edge of the sole and the trailing edge. The sole is defined as the bottom of the clubhead, consisting of the heel and toe. This area of the club is what makes contact with the ground during your swing.

Wedge bounce can range from low angles of 4-6 degrees to extremely high angles of 10+ degrees. Based on each golfer's individual preferences, they will use differing amounts of wedge bounce to maximize their swing and avoid digging into the ground. The amount of wedge bounce utilized by golfers can also differ based on the course, weather conditions, or other preferences.

The wedge bounce can have a significant impact on contact, ball spin, and overall control of a golfer's swing. Many amneature golfers are not even aware of what amount of wedge bounce they use. However, professionals can attest that the angle used for wedge bounce can have a profound impact on their swing. Wedge bounce can be particularly critical in chipping or pitching situations.

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Wedge Bounce Angles

Wedge bounce angles in golf

Golfers will have different preferences for the amount of wedge bounce they prefer. They can use a wide angle (>10 degrees) for a high bounce wedge, a moderate angle (7-10 degrees), for standard bounce wedge, or a small angle (4-6 degrees) for a low bounce wedge.