What Is The Best Grip For Playing Golf?

What Is The Best Grip For Playing Golf

There are three different grips that have become popular to use in the game of golf. There is the 10 finger grip, overlapping grip, and interlocking grip. The grip that a golfer uses is based on what is most comfortable to them.

Even though holding a golf club may seem like an easy task it is actually anything but that. The grip that a player uses for their club has an effect on the way they strike the ball and the direction in which it goes. If a golfer were to use an incorrect grip then the club may be able to move around in the hands during a swing and cause the ball to be hit in an incorrect way. The three most simple golf grips are the overlapping grip, the 10 finger grip, and the interlocking grip. Each grip is unique and they are all used throughout the golf world.

Overlapping Grip

Golf Overlapping Grip

This grip is also known as the "vardon" grip and is one of the more commonly used grips in the sport. When using this grip, a golfer places their pinkie finger in between the ridge of the other hand's index and middle fingers. This grip is particularly beneficial for golfers that have large hands.

10 Finger Grip

Golf 10 Finger Grip

This grip gets its name from the fact that all ten fingers of the golfer are on the club. This is not a very popular grip for professionals but beginners enjoy using this grip as it is easy to learn and comfortable. This grip is beneficial for golfers with smaller hands and it is also very powerful as all fingers are contributing to hitting the ball.

Interlocking Grip

Golf Interlocking Grip

This grip begins with the golfer putting all ten of his fingers on the club, similar to the 10 finger grip. However, in order to make the hands come closer together, the golfer simply interlocks one hand's pinkie with the other hand's index finger. This grip could give the golfer more power to their swing as it forces both hands to work together to hit the ball.