What Is Foursomes Golf Format?

What is Foursomes Golf Format?

In golf, there are many different competition formats that players can use to play. Usually, golfers play in a foursome, and everyone plays individually to compete for the best score. However, foursomes golf, also known as “alternate shot,” is when two players share a ball and take turns striking it.

In this type of golf format, four golfers are split into two groups to play in a two-on-two competition. In the alternate shot foursome golf format, the players take turns taking shots while also alternating taking the tee shots. 

Foursomes Strategy

There are some strategies to playing in this format that could help a team win. Before starting the round, figure out which holes have the hardest tee shots. Use this information to plan out the round and determine which player should take the first tee shot. For example, if most of the longer holes are even-numbered, you might want the partner who drives the ball further to tee off on the even-numbered holes. This can be applied to par 3s as well. If most of the par 3s are on even-numbered holes, you will want the partner with better iron play to take the tee shots on those holes.

Penalties in Foursomes

In foursomes, rules state that when a penalty occurs, it does not alter which partner takes the shot next. This means that if you hit your ball out of bounds, for example, your partner will still take the next stroke from the original spot while adding a stroke to your team’s score.

Foursomes Tournaments

Even though this type of format is not the norm, it is still used in some tournaments on the professional stage. The Ryder, Solheim, and President Cups all use an alternate type of the two-on-two format with players using their own ball but are still considered a team. This type of foursomes format is more common in Great Britain and Ireland than in the United States, but it is still a golf format that golfers should be familiar with around the world.