What is Chip and Run in Golf?

What Does Play Chip And Run Mean In Golf

A chip and run is typically hit around the green, and should be hit with a short swing. A short swing is ideal because the ball does not have far to go and you need to get it on the ground quickly so it can roll out.

A chip and run is a very specific type of chip shot that is most likely only played a few times per round. The goal of the shot is to keep the ball low to the ground. You want to keep the ball low because before hitting the shot, you should pick a spot that you want the ball to land and simply aim for that spot. This shot is almost like a putt because if the ball hits your correct spot, it should then roll out the rest of the way with the break of the green and ideally settle close to the hole or maybe even in it. This shot should be hit with a very short backswing because since your landing target is typically closer to you than the hole, you will not need a big backswing no matter what club you choose to hit. Since this shot is hit so close to the green, a wedge or short iron (9 or 8) is the best club to hit for this shot.

When to Hit A Chip And Run

Chip and run golf shots are typically only hit around green side areas. This is because they are short distance chips and would serve no use in the fairway or on the tee. The ideal spot to use a chip and run is if you are on the fringe next to the green, or just off the green area in the rough. However, you do not want to be too far back in the rough because it will be harder for you to keep the ball low. If you are too far into the rough, a regular chip or flop shot is the better choice. The fringe is an ideal spot to hit a chip and run because you have nothing but the green in front of you and you can read the green like a putt. This is important because you can pick the line to the hole your ball will need, and land your chip anywhere along that line depending on the speed of your shot.