What Is A Baseball Grip In Golf?

What Is The Baseball Grip In Golf

In golf, a popular grip to use is the baseball grip, or the ten finger grip. This grip is known as the baseball grip since it resembles the way a baseball player holds a bat.

Advantages of the Baseball Grip

The baseball grip is one of the simplest to learn. When using this grip, the golfers bottom hand's pinkie will simply rest on the index finger of the top hand. It is a popular grip among golfers who are just beginning the sport as it is quite natural to simply pick up a club and put your hands together. This is also a popular grip for older golfers that have trouble wrapping their hands around the club in any other technique.

Disadvantages of the Baseball Grip

When using this grip, golfers need to focus on keeping their hands still while also not holding the club too tight in their hands. If the club is able to move at all during a swing, the club may not strike the ball in the desired way, creating a lot of erratic balls on the course.

When using the baseball grip, there is not an anchor to hold the hands in place. This allows for the hands to be able to move on the club and create erratic balls. An incorrect use of the baseball grip could lead to a lot of lost balls and broken clubs on the course.