What Is A Good Score In Golf?

What Is Considered A Good Score In Golf

In golf, scores less than 120 strokes are seen as respectable, or "good" scores among amateur golfers. While 90 stroke scores are considered average, scores below 120 strokes on an 18-hole course are seen amongst the golf community as relatively good.

Professional golfers are a clear outlier in this discussion. Typically, the pros perform somewhere below this 90 stroke average and often have games below the 72 stroke par of a course. To them, a good score may not be under 120, but under 72 instead.

An average golfer will play a round of golf and attempt to score the lowest point value possible. Points are thought of in terms of the number of strokes, or swings of a golf club in any given round. Over the course of 18 holes, an average amateur golfer will achieve a score of 90 strokes on a 72 par course. Par refers to the number of strokes needed in order to not gain or lose any points on a particular hole. Thus, if the par of a hole is four strokes and a player who has a current score of 20 lands the ball into the hole in four strokes, their score at the end of that particular hole will be 24.