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What Is A Dogleg Hole In Golf?

What is a Dogleg Hole in Golf

A dogleg hole in the game of golf is one of the most common hole types across all courses from the local 9 hole course to championship level courses. Its basic definition is a hole where the fairway turns somewhere before reaching the hole which makes the green not completely visible from the tee.

A dogleg has some sort of turn in it that provides an extra element of difficulty for the golfer. This turn can be slight to the left or to the right providing little change in the hole for the golfer although drastic doglegs are common in many cases too. Holes can dogleg so drastically that the green is almost a full 90 degree turn from the tee box as shown in the picture below. No matter the sharpness of the dogleg it provides new strategy implications for every golfer who comes through the hole.

Golfer Strategy in Doglegs

Drastic Dogleg Hole

Because a dogleg hole is not straight a golfer has a few more decisions to make on how they plan to play the hole. A good golfer will take into account how far the turn in the dogleg is from the tee and plan accordingly. Also, if one is unable to drive the ball past the turn, hitting the ball to a spot with a good angle to continue playing the hole around the dogleg is very important. Once the ball makes it past the dogleg, the golfer has successfully navigated the added element and the hole plays like any other on the course.