What is a 2 on a Par 5 in golf called?

What is a 2 on a par 5 called in golf?

There are two names that a three under shot could be called in a game of golf. One of the names for this type of shot in golf is a double eagle. This is because a two under shot is called an eagle. Taking it one step further would make it a double eagle. The other name for this type of shot is an albatross, but it is used less than double eagle.

A double eagle is one of the rarest shots in golf. It is when a player receives a score of three less than the par of the hole and gets three points subtracted from their score. This is one of the rarest things to achieve in the game of golf with only 15 people scoring a double eagle in professional golf since 1870. The first one was achieved by Young Tom Morris during the 1870 Open Championship when he shot a 3 on a par 6. The most recent double eagle was recorded by Louis Oosthuizen during the 2012 Masters when he shot a 2 on a par 5.