What Does Condor Mean In Golf?

In golf, a condor is when a player scores 4 shots under the projected par.

A condor is one of the rarest scoring feats in the history of golf with very few accomplishing the feat ever.

On a par 5 hole, this would mean that the ball goes in the hole in 1 shot. A condor is the rarest shot in golf. In the recorded history of golf, only 4 condors have ever been recorded and all of them were hole-in-ones on par 5 holes. There has never been a "2" shot recorded on a par 6 hole. The condor requires a golfer to make a perfect shot on a hole that is very long. Because of its difficulty and rarity, golf bookkeepers do not know the odds of a condor occurring in a round of golf.

The name condor comes from the bird the condor. Many other golf terms reference birds so the condor is a continuation of the tradition. Other examples include birdie (1-under par), eagle (2-under par), and albatross (3-under par).

Instances of a Condor

There are only four known instances of a condor being scored on the golf course. Two condors have been scored on par 5s in the United States, in Arkansas and Denver respectively. Another was scored in Australia and the final known condor was scored in England. In at least two of these instances the individual "cut the corner," while in one known instance a lucky individual ran their ball all the way down a fairway and into the hole. All in all, this is one of the rarest feats in golf and happens rarely.