What Are The Swing Angles In Golf?

What Are The Swing Angles In Golf

There are many different angles a golfer could use to improve their swing, each with their own variations. Four angles critical for a golfer's success are the spine bend, spine tilt, hip bend and knee flex.

Spine Bend

To achieve this angle, simply bend your spine forward at the hips with your knees slightly bent. The key to this angle is knowing just how far to bend. It is easy to tip too far and throw off your swing so it is suggested that you only bend about 25 degrees from vertical. This way, your shoulders, knees and feet will be aligned.

Spine Tilt

For this angle, you have to tilt your spine in the direction of your dominant hand. Unlike the spine bend, it's important to bring both the top and bottom of your spine to the side. Because the spine is flexible, this angle will promote a healthy bend and lower risk of back injury.

Hip Bend

The hip bend is very similar to the spine bend. The two angles go hand in hand. What's most important to remember when bending your hips to bend from your pelvic area instead of your stomach. This will relieve unnecessary pressure on your lower body. In this position, your hips will help to stabilize your body as you swing.

Knee Flex

The deeper your knee bend, the more your knees will have to react when following through on a swing. This is why it's crucial to have a proper knee flex angle. The angle of your knee flex is important regardless of how you align your spine and hips.