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What Are The Kinds Of Golf Stances?

What Are The Types Of Golf Stances

In golf, there are different stances for different clubs. These stances include:

  • Driver stance
  • Wedge stance
  • Woods and Irons Stance

A set of golf clubs features 14 clubs, including a putter, a driver, and a mixture of 12 irons and hybrids. The different types of clubs are going to need a different type of stance, to be able to perform the shot to the best of your ability.

Driver Stance

For the Driver stance, you want to keep your feet shoulder width apart, and have the ball on the opposite left heel. By shoulder width, that means a stance with the inside of your feet directly below the outside of the shoulders. You want to position the ball so it is straight across from your lead heel, and have your toe flared a little toward the target. This posture will allow for stability and promote a club head path that strikes the ball on the upswing, resulting in greater height and distance.

Woods and Irons

When using a wood or an iron, you want to narrow your feet, and move the ball toward the center. Every time you drop down in club length, your feet should get slightly closer. For example, your feet should be closer when you use a 7 iron than when you use a 6 iron. The ball should be close to the center of your stance.


Driver Golf Stance

For wedges, you are going to want to keep your feet directly below the shoulders. The outsides of your feet should be positioned beneath or just inside the outsides of your shoulders. The ball is going to be in the middle of your stance, creating a downward strike on the ball which will create backspin and accuracy.