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Golf The Mental Game

Table of Contents

Golf The Mental Game

Like other sports, golf requires an athlete to compete at the highest level of mental fortitude. Learn what it takes to succeed in the mental game of golf by putting these four elements into practice.

  • Visualization
  • Mental Game
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Deep Breathing


Visualization is a technique a golfer uses to imagine the golf shot he wants to hit before hitting the actual shot. The golfer sees the shot playing out in his head, which syncs the body and brain to tap into muscle memory and produce the desired shot.

Mental Game

The mental game is the aspect of golf where a golfer manages his thoughts and emotions effectively in order to stay focused on the course.

Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation techniques are methods a golfer uses to calm oneself when on the golf course, allowing the golfer to maximize his focus during the round.

Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is an excellent relaxation technique a golfer can use before or during a round. This consists taking big and steady inhales and exhales to lower the heart rate and help subside any nerves.


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