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Golf The Course

golf course

First, we'll learn about the common features you may find on a golf hole. There are 10 types of elements you'll learn about:

Next, we'll learn about the different hazards you may encounter on a golf course:

Then we'll learn about the following objects that help you know your distance to the hole.

Lastly, we'll discuss the types of golf holes there are on a golf course, which include:

Table of Contents

Parts of a Golf Course

Before we start learning about golf, and how the sport is played, let's first learn about the golf course. In golf, the course is where the sport is played. Most golf courses are 18 holes.

There are 11 elements of a golf course. As a player or viewer, you will hear the names and elements used throughout a golf game:

  • Clubhouse
  • Pro Shop
  • Tee Box
  • Fairway
  • Rough
  • Trees
  • Fringe
  • Putting Green
  • Flag Stick
  • Flag
  • Golf Hole
  • Driving Range
  • Short Game Area


The clubhouse is a building located on the same property as the golf course, that usually has a pro shop, restaurant and locker room for players. Some golfers relax and spend time in the clubhouse before or after a round of golf.

Pro Shop

The pro shop is the location where a golfer checks in for a tee time. The pro shop usually sells apparel and equipment, depending on the golf course.

Tee Box

The tee box is the designated area where a golfer hits his first shot towards the hole. The tee box is indicated by two tee markers. The golfer must tee his ball up between the two markers. There are usually multiple tee boxes of different distances to accommodate to various skill levels.


The fairway is a large area of short grass that the golfer tries to hit his golf ball to on his tee shot. It is easier for a golfer to make good contact with the golf ball when hitting from the fairway.


The rough is long grass that is normally found on either side of the fairway. Unlike the fairway, the rough makes it difficult for a golfer to make solid contact with the golf ball.


Trees, or bushes, are commonly found on golf courses. A golfer should try to avoid hitting the golf ball into a tree since it will impede the golf ball's ability to travel to the hole.


The fringe is a small section of short grass that surrounds the putting green. The grass on the fringe is slightly longer than the grass on the putting green. Players can either putt or chip the golf ball from the fringe.

Putting Green

The putting green is the surface that a golfer tries to hit his ball to from the fairway or rough. This is where you putt your golf ball to try to make it in the hole.

Flag Stick

The flag stick is a long pole that stands in the golf hole so that a golfer can see where the hole is from a distance.


The golf flag sits atop the flag pole to make it easier for the golfer to locate the flag stick and the hole. The flag also indicates which direction the wind is blowing on the hole.

Golf Hole

The golf hole is a hole that is 4 quarter inches in diameter that is located on the putting green. Hitting the golf ball in the hole marks the completion of that golf hole.

Driving Range

The driving range is a large open area where a golfer can hit balls to practice or warm up before playing on the golf course. Note that some golf courses do not have a driving range.

Short Game Area

The short game area is a practice space that usually contains a putting or chipping green, fringe, rough and/or a practice bunker. The short game area allows a golfer to practice short shots that the player might encounter on the golf course.

Golf Course Lingo

Here are all the terms we will be covering related to the golf course:

  • Tee box
  • Fairway
  • Rough
  • Trees
  • Fringe
  • Putting Green
  • Flag Stick
  • Flag
  • Golf Hole
  • Driving Range
  • Short Game Area
  • Fairway Bunker
  • Greenside Bunker
  • Water Hazard
  • Out of Bounds
  • Tee Box Yardage Marker
  • Sprinkler Head
  • Yardage Marker
  • 100 Yard Markers
  • 150 Yard Markers
  • 200 yard Markers
  • Par 3
  • Par 4
  • Par 5
  • Dogleg


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