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Golf Tee Times

Table of Contents

What is a tee time in golf?

A golfer schedules a tee time in order to reserve a time slot that indicates when the golfer will tee off on the first hole. A golfer often warms up prior to his tee time. It is important that the golfer gives herself/himself enough time to arrive at the course, check in for the tee time, and hit some practice shots if need be. A golfer may arrive at the course early in order to warm up prior to his tee time.

Types of tee times

  • morning tee times
  • back tee times

golf afternoon delight

An afternoon delight in golf is usually referred to as a discounted rate that golf courses offer to players for afternoon tee times.

Morning Tee Times

The dew in golf is water that forms on grass in the morning due to condensation. Golfers can expect there to be dew on the grass if they have an early morning tee time.


Frost in golf is a mix of water vapor and ice that can form on a golf course. Frost delays normally occur in the morning and can often push back tee times.

Where to book your tee time

The pro shop in golf is where a golfer often checks in for a tee time. The pro shop usually sells apparel and equipment, depending on the location.


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