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The Course

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Golf Shot Types

Table of Contents


Types of Golf Shots

Let's learn the various kinds of shots you might hit on the golf course.

  • Drive
  • Approach
  • Layup
  • Recovery
  • Punch Shot
  • Chip
  • Pitch
  • Flop
  • Bunker Shot
  • Putt
  • Texas Wedge
  • Bump & Run
  • Three-Quarter Swing
  • Half Swing
  • Full Swing
  • Lag Putt
  • Knee Knocker
  • Holeout
  • Chip-in

We'll learn the different shot shapes and trajectories a golfer can hit.

  • Hook
  • Slice
  • Draw
  • Fade
  • Pull
  • Push
  • Straight
  • High
  • Medium
  • Low
  • Knockdown
  • Stinger
  • Balloon
  • Nine Shot Shapes

Let's learn some statistical terms that apply to a golfer.

  • Fairway in Regulation
  • Green in Regulation
  • Three-Putt
  • Up-and-Down
  • Sand Save
  • Scramble
  • Number of Putts
  • GHIN
  • Handicap

We'll learn about different types of hits that a golfer might make when hitting the golf ball.

  • Flush
  • Pure
  • Solid
  • Blade
  • Skinny
  • Thin
  • Top
  • Chunk
  • Fat
  • Duff
  • Chilidip
  • Lay the Sod
  • Shank
  • Wormburner

We'll talk about terms regarding where a player's golf ball may end up on the course.

  • Pin High
  • Plugged Lie
  • Fluffy Lie
  • Fried Egg
  • Flier Lie
  • High Side
  • Low Side
  • Unplayable Lie
  • Free Drop
  • Lift, Clean & Place
  • Play the Ball Down
  • Embedded Ball
  • Lost Ball
  • Cuppy Lie
  • Off the Deck
  • Uphill Lie
  • Downhill Lie
  • Sidehill Lie
  • Lipout
  • Gimme


A drive is the first tee shot a golfer hits from the tee box on each hole. On most holes, golfer uses a driver or fairway wood to hit a drive. A good drive in the fairway increases a player's chances of making a good score on the hole.



The approach is the shot a golfer hits when attempting to hit the golf ball on the putting green. The distance of an approach shot to the hole can vary based on the club used on the previous shot.



A layup is a shot a golfer hits to advance the ball in the direction of the hole. A layup is most commonly played on a par 5.



A golfer attempts a recovery shot when a ball is situated in a poor lie, such as behind or under a tree. The goal for the golfer with regards to hitting a recovery shot, is to get the ball back in play.


Punch Shot

A golfer hits a punch shot when attempting to flight the ball lower in the air. A punch shot is a useful shot when playing in windy conditions, so that the ball is not in the air as long. A punch shot is also useful when needing to hit a ball under a physical impediment, such as a tree branch.



A chip is a low, short shot that a golfer hits from the fringe or rough onto the putting surface. A chip causes the ball to roll towards the role due to its low flight.



A pitch is a high, short shot that a golfer hits from the fringe, rough, or fairway onto the putting surface. A pitch causes the ball to stop shortly after landing on the putting green due to its increased loft and spin.



A flop is a short, yet very high shot, that a golfer attempts to hit onto the putting green. A flop is an exaggerated pitch shot because the ball flies much higher in the air and stops nearly as soon as the ball hits the green due to its high spin rate.


Bunker Shot

A golfer hits a bunker shot when attempting to hit the golf ball out of the bunker and onto the green or in the fairway, depending on the proximity to the hole.



A putt is a golf stroke made on a putting green to cause the ball to roll into or near the hole.


Texas Wedge

A Texas wedge is a term used to describe when a golfer putts the ball from the fringe or fairway onto the putting green.


Bump and Run

A bump and run is where a golfer hits a chip with a wedge or iron, producing a low that that causes the ball to role out on the putting green.


Three-Quarter Swing

A three quarter swing is when a golfer's backswing is slightly shorter than a full swing, producing a slightly shorter and lower golf shot.


Half Swing

A half swing occurs when a golfer takes the golf club half-way back and abbreviates the follow through. A half swing will produce a lower and shorter golf shot.


Full Swing

A full swing is a complete backswing and follow through when attempting to hit a golf ball.


Lag Putt

A golfer hits a lag put when attempting to role the ball from a far distance on the putting green, to a close proximity to the hole to complete a two-putt.


Knee Knocker

A knee knocker is a short, challenging putt, that causes a golfer to become nervous right before hitting the putt.


Hole out

A hole out occurs when a golfer hits the ball from off the putting green and into the cup.



A chip-in occurs when a golfer chips the ball from the fringe or rough into the cup.