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Golf Shot Steps And Checklist

Table of Contents

Golf Shot Checklist

Before hitting a golf shot, it is important to consider the following six factors that could affect your decision of how and where you intend to hit the golf ball.

  • Wind
  • Lie
  • Pin Placement
  • Tucked Pin
  • Distance to the Hole
  • Risk-Reward Hole


Wind is the movement of air that can affect the distance and direction of a golf ball. A golfer should use less club when in a downwind and more club in a headwind.


Lie resembles the status of the golf ball as it rests on a surface. Good lies make it easier for a golfer to hit a solid golf shot, whereas a bad life makes it challenging for a golfer to make clean contact with the golf ball.

Pin Placement

Pin placement is the location of the pin on the green. A golfer should know where on the green the pin is situated in order to choose the correct club to hit an approach shot.

Tucked Pin

A tucked pin is a pin that is located close to an edge of the green, and is usually framed by a hazard or bunker. A tucked pin makes for a difficult approach shot and creates more risk for a golfer.

Distance to the Hole

Distance to the hole marks the total yardage a golfer must consider when evaluating what club and shot type to hit. To help with this decision, a golfer should practice with each club to know how far that particular club hits the golf ball on average.

Risk-Reward Hole

A risk-reward hole challenges a golfer to hit a shot that has less margin for error, but upon hitting a good shot, can leave the golfer with a greater opportunity to make a lower score on that given role rather than playing the hole safely.


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