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Golf Shooting A Good Score

Table of Contents

Golf Shooting A Good Score

Shooting a good score depends on knowing the course layout and using the correct club for a certain shot.

  • Course Knowledge
  • Course Management
  • Caddy
  • Yardages
  • Distance Control

Course Knowledge

Course Knowledge is a golfer's familiarity and understanding of the layout of a specific golf course. Having course knowledge helps a golfer read putting greens more effectively and know where to hit the ball on certain holes.

Course Management

Course management is the ability to navigate around a golf course and know how and when to hit the right type of shots based on the course layout. Course management especially pertains to a golfer's club selection.


A caddy carries a golfer's golf bag and clubs, and assists the golfer with club selection, reading greens, and provides mental/emotional support throughout a round.


In order to hit accurate shots, a golfer must know his yardages, meaning the distance he hits each club. This will help a golfer select the appropriate club to use on a given shot.

Distance Control

Distance control is the ability to hit a golf ball a certain yardage with a specific club consistently. Greater distance control usually leads to approach shots ending up closer to the hole, and/or in-line with the hole.


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