Golf Penalties List

Golf Penalties List

In golf, there are numerous actions that warrant a penalty to be assessed to a player. Penalties are meant to ensure a fair playing field for all competitors and to discourage cheating. Whether it be a purposeful action or a simple mental mistake, a player will be penalized if they break the rules.

Golf Penalty Outcomes

In golf, penalties usually result in one of these four outcomes:

  • One-Stroke Penalty
  • Two-Stroke Penalty
  • Provisional
  • Disqualification (DQ)


What is a penalty in golf?

A penalty in golf is a rule infraction that results in the player being punished with a stroke penalty or disqualification. Common golf penalties include hitting your ball out of bounds or into a water hazard, losing your ball, and unreasonable delay of play. The most common consequences for penalties are one-stroke and two-stroke penalties, but more serious violations, such as attesting to an incorrect scorecard, can result in disqualification.