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Golf Offseason Tips

Table of Contents

Golf Offseason Tips

Depending on where a golfer lives, he/she may not be able to play golf during the winter months. Let's address some hacks a golfer can use to help keep their golf game in solid shape during the off season.


One of the most important, yet underrated parts of the game, is putting. If a golfer does not have access to a putting green, he/she should find a flat, carpeted surface and roll some putts. Lay a cup down on its side so that its mouth faces the ball and then try to putt the ball into the cup to keep the putting stroke in good shape.

Visualize The Swing

Another great tool to use is a vertical mirror, which a golfer can use to visualize what their swing looks like, as well as where the club travels in relation to the body. Doing this drill helps a golfer keep the golf swing in good form despite not hitting any golf balls.

Practice The Address

Furthermore, setting up to a golf ball and practicing the address position is a great golf hack. The address can drastically affect the outcome of a golf shot, so just rehearsing this is a solid drill too.

Staying Fit

Lastly, working out and staying in shape helps a golfer stay fit and enables them to be ready to take on the course once the off season is over. Maintaining core, leg and hip strength and overall flexibility helps the golfer avoid injury and improve ball striking and stamina on the course.


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