Golf Mats

Golf Mats

Golf isn’t a sport that can be mastered overnight. Whether you are trying to hit a 300-yard drive or a 30-foot putt, a lot of practice is required. Utilizing golf mats is a great way to practice the game of golf when off the course.

What are golf mats used for?

Golf mats are used to practice swinging a golf club and using a putter when off the course. Golf mats are covered with artificial grass in order to mimic the grass on the course. Additionally, putting mats are made of felt or artificial grass, which is made to simulate the real grass on a putting green. Putting mats can be used practically anywhere. All that is needed is an open surface, ball, and putter to perfect the putting stroke. Hitting mats require some sort of backstop or golf net to block the balls that are being hit.

Some golf mats come with different lengths and textures, which will help a player practice hitting a ball out of different lies. These mats are called multi-purpose mats. They are great because not even the best golfer in the world hits the fairway every time. To become a skilled golfer all phases of the game must be practiced, and golf mats allow a player to practice different parts of the game.

Things To Consider

When looking for golf mats, you'll want to consider the following:

  • What type of golf mat are you looking for?
  • Where are you going to be using the mat?
  • What skills are you looking to practice with the mat?
  • How much do you want to spend on a golf mat?

What are you looking for in golf mats?

  • Affordability
  • Portability
  • Durability
  • Multi-purpose
  • Putting practice
  • Driving practice


There are three distinct types of golf mats: driving mats, putting mats, and multi-surface mats, all of which serve different purposes.

Driving Mat

Golf Driving Mat

A driving mat is designed to help a golfer use all the clubs in their bag, except their putter, when off of the course. A driving mat can be used to hit irons, wedges, and the driver, which means a player can work on many phases of the game with just this mat. They normally come with a hole for a tee and are either in a square or rectangle shape.


  • Comes in different sizes
  • Portable
  • Easy to tee up a ball


  • Requires a net to catch balls that are hit
  • Artificial grass is only one length
  • Not for putting

Putting Mat

Golf Putting Mat

Putting mats are designed to help practice putting, as long as there is floor space available. Putting mats are great to have in the winter when it's too cold to go outside and practice. They come in different shapes and sizes, and some are more advanced than others, offering automatic ball returners or inclines.


  • Can be used anywhere
  • Only need a ball and a putter
  • Portable
  • Variety of features and prices available


  • Can be pricey
  • Only used for putting
  • Cannot practice very long putts

Multi-Surface Mat

golf multi surface mat

A multi-surface mat is used just like a driving mat, but the multi-surface mat has different types and lengths of artificial grass. This helps a player practice hitting a ball from different lies, which is important as a bad shot could end up in very high grass. The mat can be used to practice fairway shots on the short grass and “from the rough” shots on the longer portions.


  • Practice from different lengths
  • Portable
  • Great for short game


  • Smaller areas to hit the ball from since there are different sections
  • Requires a net
  • Tend to be more expensive than driving mats


Many brands make all different types of golf mats. Three of the top golf mat manufacturers are Maxfli, SKLZ, and Rukket.


Maxfli is a golf brand owned by Dick’s Sporting Goods that is known for its golf balls and bags. They also make driving mats, putting mats, and multi-surface mats. The mats that they produce come in different sizes, allowing a consumer to have many different mats to choose from. 


SKLZ is an elite sports equipment brand that specializes in pieces of equipment like soccer goals, training equipment, and much more. They also make a large variety of golf gear, including putting mats and multi-surface mats. Their multi-surface mat comes with three different turf lengths, and they offer different options for putting mats, including one that comes with a ball returner.


Rukket Sports is a sports company that makes many different pieces of golf equipment, such as hitting nets and pitchbacks. They produce a range of golf gear, including driving mats, putting mats, and multi-surface mats. Rukket makes all their mats in different sizes and has multi-surface mats with two or three different surfaces.


How much do golf mats cost?

Golf mats range in price depending on the size. The smaller driving and multi-surface mats start at around $30, and the larger mats can be $100 or more. Multi-surface mats with three different surfaces tend to cost more, but the price is determined based on how large the mat is. Putting mats are priced similarly where the small and less advanced greens are around $30 and the more advanced versions with ball-returners are $100-$200.

What sizes do golf mats come in?

Golf mats come in a plethora of sizes. Very small golf mats can be around one foot by one foot, while larger driver mats can be five feet by five feet. There are different sizes between this range, and the larger mats cost more. Putting mats tend to be around eight and ten feet long. Some are very narrow with only one hole, and those tend to be a foot wide. Others have three different holes, and they tend to be around three or four feet long.

What skills can you practice with golf mats?

Golf mats are made to practice almost all aspects of the game. Driving mats are great for hitting balls off the tee, as well as working on hitting irons and wedges. Multi-surface mats are great for situational golf where a ball might be in heavy rough. The thicker turf is harder to hit the ball out of, which helps players practice when they have to hit the ball out of thick and high grass. A putting mat is designed for practicing putting. Putting is sometimes overlooked but is indisputably one of the hardest aspects of golf to master. Being able to practice putting wherever floor space is available can make a big difference in a golfers handicap.