List of Golf Sports

List of Golf Sports

Prior to contrary belief, golf is not always a traditional eighteen hole round. Golf is a multi-faceted sport that encompasses a wide variety of locations, rules, equipment, and strategies to play. This piece will introduce you to the different types of golf sports and answer common questions you may have.

Golf Sports List

  • Beach Golf
  • Behcup
  • Disc Golf
  • Footgolf
  • Golf Croquet
  • Krolf
  • Match Play
  • Miniature Golf
  • Pitch And Putt
  • Shotgun Start
  • Snow Golf
  • Speed Golf
  • Target Golf
  • Urban Golf


What are golf sports?

Golf sports are any sport whose rules and regulations are based on the sport of golf. Some examples of golf sports include mini golf, beach golf, disc golf, and target golf. These sports are modified versions of golf that are played on different playing surfaces and include different pieces of equipment.

Are all golf sports played with the same equipment?

Not every golf sport is played with the exact same equipment. While golf typically requires golf balls, clubs, and a bag, other golf sports use different equipment. For example, disc golf requires a frisbee in order to play the game and mini golf doesn’t feature the same wide variety of clubs found in traditional golf.

What are the origins of golf sports?

The original sport of golf was founded on the eastern coast of Scotland near the famous city of Edinburgh. The game has evolved into other areas such as Krolf, which started in Sweden as a combination of croquet and golf. Pitch and putt, another popular variation of golf, started in England in 1914.

Where can I play golf sports?

Since golf sports use a variety of different playing surfaces, you can participate almost anywhere. For example, beach golf is played on the beach, snow golf is played in the snow and disc golf is played in a park or other wooded area. Games like pitch and putt, speed golf, and target golf are played at regular golf courses or small variations of golf courses.