List Of Golf Exercises

List Of Golf Exercises

Golf is commonly considered one of the most difficult sports to get very good at. There's plenty of nuance to the techniques of a swing that make it difficult to master. Fortunately, there are some exercises one can do, with and without a club, to improve their game. Here are some common exercises that help make golf more enjoyable.

Stretching Exercises

As with any sport, stretching before you golf is a great way to ensure that you are as loose and flexible as possible. Plus, it helps prevent unnecessary injuries from occurring. If you want to hit the links anytime soon, then doing these stretches beforehand should help.

Inverted Hamstring Stretch

This stretch does two things for you: It activates your hamstrings and core to allow proper swing rotation and it helps prevent injuries to your lower back. Both of those things are highly important in golf. To do the exercise, stand on one leg and extend your arms to the side. With a straight back, bend over at the waist until your body is at a 90-degree angle with the floor. Slowly return to your starting position and do the other leg.

Standing Lower Back Stretch

Generally speaking, having a strong back is good for any athletic activity, but it's especially important in a sport like golf that has so much rotation involved. This stretch should help get your lower back loose before a round. To do the stretch, get your feet shoulder width apart and grab a golf club. Bend forward until your back is flat, making sure to bend at the waist. Rise back to your starting position once you're done.

Shoulder Stretch

Golf involves a lot of shoulder movement, so stretching out the shoulders for maximum flexibility is highly recommended. For an easy to do shoulder stretch, find a flat wall to put your palm against. Extend your arm and put your palm on the wall. Tilt your head to the opposite side and rotate your other shoulder toward your back. Repeat the process with the other side to get a good stretch.

Tricep Stretch

This is an easy stretch that should loosen up your triceps. Throw one arm behind your head, push down with the other arm, and hold. Do the same for the other arm to get a complete stretch.

Upper Body Exercises

There is a lot of upper body movement happening in a golf swing. A lot of your power is generated from your shoulders, chest, and other muscles. Working them is the key to maximizing your power with your swing. Here are some upper body exercises that do just that.


The chop is an upper body exercise that does a good job of working your shoulders and your core. It is preferably done with a weight, a cable, or a rope, but it technically can be done without any of those things. Get in a kneeling position and make a chopping motion across your body, doing a full shoulder turn in the process. Repeat the process for both sides to get the best workout.

Push ups

This exercise is a classic that anyone can do, whether it's for a specific sport or just for your general health. As a workout that works the muscles in your chest specifically, it's extremely valuable in golf, especially since the pectoral muscles in your chest help with your shoulders as well. To do a push-up, simply put your hands on the ground and extend your legs until your body is parallel to the ground. Lower your body while keeping it straight and then push up using your arms.

Lower Body Exercises

As always, you can't just work the upper body while ignoring the lower body and expect good results. Working the muscles in your legs is just as important as doing the upper body exercises mentioned above. Here are a few of the best exercises you can do for your lower body to improve your swing.

Glute Bridges

Working the glutes is highly important for strengthening your lower body. In golf, it'll help with your posture and should help you generate more power from your legs in your swing. Lie on your back with your hands by your hips and your legs bent with your heels on the ground. Lift your hips upwards until you form a bridge with your body. Lower your hips down to repeat the process until finished.

Split Squats

All golfers want to generate more power in order to make their ball go farther. Split squats are one exercise that allows them to do just that, challenging stability while building up strength. To do this exercise, set up in a split stance position with one one leg in front of the other. Lower your body until your knee either hits the ground or comes very close and then rise up. Once you've done one leg in front, switch to the other leg.

Core and Hip Exercises

The core and your hips are arguably the most important areas of your body to work for golf, with most of these exercises working these two areas. Here are some exercises you can do for arguably the most important area to work for your swing.

Pelvic Rotation

One of the most important parts of a golf swing is the separation of your hips from your upper body. The best golfers do this in order to gather power and create a smooth swing. To do a pelvic rotation, grab a club or stick to support yourself and rotate your hips without moving your upper body.

Full Body Turn

This exercise is almost like a progression of the pelvic rotation. It's meant to help improve your backswing and increase flexibility in your trail shoulder. Grab a golf club, or any golf-club sized object, and slowly rotate your upper body and hips backwards while keeping your feet planted until you reach your peak. Once there, slowly return back to your starting position.

Dying Bug

When it comes to strengthening your core for your game, the dying bug is a great place to start. That core strength allows that transfer of power from your lower body to upper body, bettering your swing. To do the dying bug, lie on your back and fully extend your hands in front of you. Bring your legs up and bend them at a 90 degree angle. Now, extend one leg forward and reach backwards with the hand on the side opposite of the extending leg (right-leg-left-arm and vice versa). Alternate between the two sides until you're done.

Hip Crossover

It can't be over-emphasized how important hip exercises are to maximizing your golf swing. Hip crossovers are a classic one golfers do to get max torque at the top of their backswing and on the follow-through. To do this exercise, lay on your back with your arms extended to the side, heels on the ground, and knees bent. Twist your bent legs to one until they reach the ground. Do the same for your other side and keep alternating until done.

Quad Rocking

You can never do enough to make sure that there's as little stress as possible on your lower back as possible. Quad rocking is a common exercise golfers do to achieve just that while continuing to open up the hips. It's an easy exercise: Get on all fours, with your hands under your shoulders and your knees under your hips. While activating your core, move your hips back until you feel your pelvis rotating. Then return to the starting position.