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What is a golf league?

A golf league is a group of golfers that enjoy golfing and compete with one another at different golf courses. Usually there is a fee to join golf teams that varies among the different leagues but usually do not get much higher than the greens fees for the courses. Many golf leagues have about 40 members to it and usually go up to 60 members equaling 15 foursomes. Most leagues require that their members know their handicaps as leagues like to keep players with similar skill levels playing together. There are different ways to keep track of scoring in golf leagues. One way to keep track of scores is through a handicap system for the average of a players 18 hole score. Another scoring method is to randomly draw partners at each outing and partners combine their scores compare them with the other duo they are playing. The last scoring method is to tally up scores and the person with the lowest score at the end of the golf season wins.

Golf leagues

The most popular leagues in golf are recreational leagues that are played at many golf courses and country clubs. There could be public or private leagues that would most likely charge dues in order to pay for the rounds of golf and allow members to compete with one another. Most golf leagues follow the handicap scoring system as this allows for the most accurate method in determining the skills of its members. As the goal of golf is to get the lowest score, a lower handicap indicates a superior golfer. Golf leagues are extremely popular with the senior population as these are people that play the most golf as they have the most time available to them very often. Junior golf leagues are also a popular way of getting young children involved with the game of golf from an early age.


How do you start a golf league?

In order to start a golf league a large amount of possible members must first be gathered. Time slots must also be found by contacting golf courses in the area and asking for many back to back time slots for a league. Many courses have special rates for league play, including discounted greens fees or food and drinks included. A league schedule and format must be set up in order to advise members when matches would be and how the league would be scored. Many courses require league fees upfront so it would be wise to collect league dues in a timely manner in order to pay the course fees in full.


How long is a golf league season?

The length of a golf league can differ for many different reasons. The golf league season could be set by the commissioner as well as the league's members. The season could also differ in length due to the courses that will allow the league. If a course would only allow a league for a certain number of weeks, the league does not have a choice in how long the league season would be. Lastly, the length of the season differs depending on the type of climate that the league is present in. Leagues can differ between 10-52 weeks a year depending on the weather in the area. Most often, golf leagues are between 12-24 weeks long. Many leagues that span a large number of weeks often have a half point in the season that splits it into two and allows for more winners.


How much does it cost to join a golf league?

The cost of golf leagues vary depending on many different factors. The cost of a golf league can be determined by the commissioner of the league as well as its members. The cost would need to include the price that the course requires as well as potentially having food and drinks. The possible reward for a winner of the league would also need to be included in the price of dues for the league. The more the course charges as well as other expenditures that the league may want or need would increase the price that each member would need to pay. Many league memberships fall between $50-$500 in order for members to join but there is not a set price that all leagues cost since every league and its members are different.


What are some top professional golf leagues?

There are many professional golf leagues that are present in the United States that players can be a part of if they want to play golf with the best players in the world. To begin, the Professional Golf Association (PGA) is the highest level golf tour that is in the U.S. This league is among the best of the best and has hefty prizes for the winners of their tournaments. Some of the top professional golfers on the tour include Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Bubba Watson, and Justin Thomas. Following the PGA is the LPGA which includes the top women's golfers in the world. This tour includes 25-30 tournaments with a large purse included in each tournament that is played. Next is the Nationwide tour, which is where many male athletes start their professional golf career that include 25-30 tournaments that still include a small prize for the winners. Lastly, there is the Champions tour, which includes many retired professional golfers and Developmental tours for the true amateurs that are just beginning their careers.


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