Is Golf A Good Workout?

Is golf a good workout?

Golf can be a great workout, as o golfers often travel great distances and can burn over 800 calories during one round of play.

Golfing inherently seems like somewhat of an inactive sport, given the slow pace golfers typically play at. Additionally, golfers often have the option of using a cart to traverse the course, decreasing the physical tax on players during a round by nearly half. However, given the right conditions, golf can actually serve as quite the workout. We will observe the conditions that attribute to golf's classification as a good workout, and explore just how good of a workout it can be.

The Right Conditions

Everybody is different, and certain workouts may be more beneficial for some. There are also a handful of uncontrollable conditions that may worsen or enhance the benefit of a golf workout. If the sun is beating down on a course, a golfer may burn more calories during play. On the other hand, cooler temperatures may mean that a golfer burns less calories that day. Nonetheless, golfers who walk a course do experience a significant workout. Courses of often miles long, and walking such a distance can be physically taxing. Additionally, the act of golfing (i.e. swinging clubs) is in and of itself a workout., and carrying a heavy golf bag can contribute further to a workout.

Calories Burned

A golfer who plays an average 18-hole round of golf can expect to burn up to 800 or more calories, assuming that they walk the course and carry their own bag. Playing (and walking) two rounds of golf every week often results in a golfer meeting the minimum recommended exercise for the average person in a given week. It is recommended that an individual achieve 150 minutes of moderate exercise every week, and golf certainly has the potential to fulfill this recommendation.