Golf Irons

Golf Irons

Golf irons serve a pivotal role in getting a golf ball to land onto the green from the fairway. Since their creation in 1750, golf irons have revolutionized the game of golf. There are many different brands that manufacture golf irons, and each type has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

What are irons used for in golf?

Golf irons are golf clubs commonly used out on the fairway or the rough of a course. As mentioned, iron started to be implemented in the heads of golf clubs in 1750. Originally, wood was used to make the shafts for these clubs. In 1925, steel was implemented in the shafts of golf irons. Golf irons are versatile, unlike drivers and putters. Traditionally, putters and drivers are used on the putting green and tee box. On the other hand, irons can be used in almost any location on the course besides putting greens. Traditional golf irons will consist of clubs numbered either 4 through 9 or 2 through 9. The lower-numbered golf irons will allow a golfer to hit the ball farther, while higher-numbered golf irons will go a shorter distance. All of these irons are smaller in size compared to the driver.

Things To Consider

When looking for golf irons, you'll want to consider the following:

  • What kind of irons are you looking for?
  • How much are you looking to spend on golf irons?
  • Are you looking to buy a single iron or a set?
  • Do you play right or left-handed?

What are you looking for in a golf iron?

  • Affordability
  • Durability
  • Distance
  • Lightweight
  • Forgiveness


The main types of golf irons are cavity backs and blades, and each carries their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Cavity Backs

Golf Cavity Backs

This variation of the golf club is characterized by its carved-out cavity on the back of the iron. The cavity back golf iron is thicker, which helps increase the level of forgiveness when using the club. Beginner and intermediate golfers will often use this type of golf irons.


  • Very forgiving
  • Produces consistently straight shots
  • Wider club allows for more bounce


  • Less distance compared to blade irons
  • Can't shape shots very well
  • Hard to obtain a great feel with the club


Golf Blades

This type of golf iron is very thin and solid, which allows for a great feel of the club. Players can easily shape their shots as well. This golf iron is great for seeing the mistake a player is making in their shot. Additionally, the club allows for maximum distance.


  • Allows for great feel
  • Players can easily see their mistakes
  • Ability to shape shots is fairly easy
  • Distance


  • Consistency with this club is very difficult
  • The path of shots can be random
  • Typically used by professionals


A few of the top brands producing golf irons in today's market are Titleist, Taylormade, and Callaway.


This brand offers some of the most popular clubs used by players on the Professional Golf Association tour. Golfers can purchase all types of irons from this brand, numbered 2 through 9. All of the golf irons offer a brushed chrome finish, which is visually appealing.


This brand of golf irons offers very lightweight clubs with a large sweet spot. This means that the face of their golf irons are engineered to promote solid contact with the ball. Golfers can purchase clubs from this brand numbered 2 through 9.


This brand is known for the great feel that players have when they swing these golf irons. In addition, these golf irons are unique because they were designed using artificial intelligence technology. Similar to the other brands, Callaway offers irons numbered 2 through 9.


How much do golf irons cost?

The cost of golf irons will vary depending on the gender they are intended for. In addition, whether or not the irons are for lefties or righties will also have an impact. On average, golf irons for right-handed male players will cost about $900. For left-handed male players, the irons will cost upwards of $650. For right-handed female players, the irons will cost about $600. Finally, irons for left-handed female players will cost just over $700.

What kind of irons are best for beginners?

There are many factors that can help determine what beginning golfers should use to play the game of golf. First off, using blades or cavity backs is a question that must be considered. For beginners, it's more common to use cavity backs because they are a more forgiving club. Next, shaft choice is another important consideration. Graphite shafts are very light, which helps beginners who might have a slow swing speed. However, they can be more expensive to purchase.

When should you use a golf iron?

A golf iron is used predominantly after a player has hit their tee shot. This means golfers will use golf irons in the fairway, rough, or any other space leading up to the putting green. Traditionally, a golfer will use golf irons numbered between 4 and 9. However, some golfers will use a 2-iron or 3-iron instead of a hybrid for longer shots. The average golfer will use their golf irons when they are between 120 yards and 170 yards away from the hole.