How To Spin A Golf Ball Backwards On The Green?

How To Spin A Golf Ball Backwards On The Green

In order to get a golf ball to spin backwards on the green, the ball needs backspin. Getting backspin on a golf ball is a result of multiple factors.

First, it is important to use an appropriate club, a lofted club. This is usually going to be a wedge, pitch, or possibly a 9-iron. These clubs have the ability to give the shot the loft needed to ensure the appropriate spin can take effect.

Second, the golf club needs to be swung at the correct angle and speed. To ensure backspin, the club needs to make contact with the ball while the club head is perpendicular to the ground. This will allow the club angle to be used to its full advantage. Further it will allow the grooves of the club to get the best possible grip on the golf ball. As the rate of the club head increases, so does the spin rate of the ball.

Next, the type of golf ball being used is very important. Inexpensive golf balls generally have "hard covers" and do not allow you to spin them very much. Golf balls with softer covers will be much easier to create backspin.


When is a good time to create backspin?

The best opportunities to create backspin are on long chip shots. In order to create a fast spin rate, it is important to swing fast. On longer chip shots, a strong and fast swing is still required since the ball is being hit some distance. It is much harder to create solid backspin on short chip shots because swings are usually softer and slowed down slightly.