How Much Do Golf Tickets Cost?

How Much Do Golf Tickets Cost

Golf tournaments are among sports’ lengthiest events, lasting four days, with golf being played from sunrise to sunset every day. Professional rounds are played at some of the nicest courses in the world, where greens fees are extremely high, and the conditions are perfect. Due to these extraordinary conditions, it makes sense that golf tickets would not be cheap. However, since there is usually limited seating at tournaments, where most people walk the course throughout the day, tickets tend to all be the same price, unless you are buying exclusive packages, something not seen in most other sports. To learn more about how much golf tickets cost, keep reading.

How Expensive are Golf Tickets?

The price of tickets to see a golf tournament can vary widely. Some events for the Professional Golf Association, or PGA, have tickets as low as $28 per day, while others can cost fans nearly $3,000 for a day. This is because there are tournaments nearly every weekend on the PGA Tour, but some are more important and famous than others. Golf has four major tournaments that factor heavily into the season standings and are seen as prestigious events, and these tickets can go for very high amounts. The average price for a one-day ticket at a PGA major is $190, but this is only for tickets purchased directly from the tournament. Many people get their tickets from a secondary seller, and these prices can be up to three or four times as expensive. In addition, the hype surrounding a particular tournament can drastically raise the price of tickets. When Tiger Woods returned from injury to compete in the 2022 Masters, some tickets were selling for as much as $5,000.

Other Pricing Factors

There are additional factors that influence the price of tickets for a particular tournament. The biggest determinant can often be the weather. If rain is in the forecast for a certain day, or even worse, the whole weekend, fans will likely be deterred from attending and purchase fewer tickets. This will drop ticket prices and offer an opportunity for those who don’t mind getting a little wet or cold.

Another thing that can change ticket prices is the location of the tournament. Events held in the middle of the country or far from city centers typically feature a lower cost, as there are fewer fans in the area, and attending the event requires travel and lodging. However, tournaments that are held near major cities see much higher ticket prices, as more people are willing and able to come out and watch their favorite players.



One thing that golf’s major events and its regular tournaments have in common is the ability to purchase day or weekend passes. PGA events last four days, and many fans will usually only have the time or the money to attend one day. On account of this, tickets are offered either separately for a specific day or for the entire tournament. Of course, full weekend passes are more expensive than day passes, but in many cases, the weekend pass presents a good deal for fans who are able to attend multiple days. 

Another option that fans have is to purchase special access or VIP tickets. These tickets usually permit entry to seating areas and exclusive viewing spots that require a pass. Golf fans can also sometimes purchase tickets that come with drink and food vouchers or allow them to sit in an area with food service. At tournaments held in hotter locations, this can offer a relaxing experience to fans to get some shade and refreshment during the long day.

Additional Costs

While the tickets themselves can sometimes be pricey enough, fans attending a golf event have a variety of other costs they must take into consideration. If fans wish to attend a tournament that’s not being held near their homes, they have to budget for travel expenses as well as lodging. This can mean a hefty hotel bill for fans looking to watch the entire weekend of play. However, there are still additional costs for local fans attending. Since golf tournaments are played for as long as the sun is out, fans can be out for a long time and usually need to take a break for food and water. Like at other sporting events, these refreshments usually come with a markup when sold at the course, so fans should make sure they have some extra cash handy.