How Much Do Caddies At Pinehurst Make?

How Much Do Caddies At Pinehurst Make

A caddie is an essential assistant for any golfer playing on a high-level professional course. The lush and fabled Pinehurst Golf Course in North Carolina has a strong tradition of keeping these crew members on the course ready to guide golfers through the multiple links available at the resort. How much do caddies make at the Pinehurst Golf Course? Keep reading to find out!

How Much Does a Caddie Make at Pinehurst?

The average weekly salary for a golf caddie during a normal week at the Pinehurst Resort is $880, which translates to approximately $45,760 per year. The pay rate for caddies at Pinehurst is $75 per player for an individual caddie and $35 per player for a forecaddie. While a typical caddie carries a golfer’s bag and recommends clubs to use in certain situations, a forecaddie mainly assists by standing in the fairway and locating balls hit by the players. 

The total salary per week also includes gratuity and tips, which are always recommended for caddies regardless of the outcome of a match. The salary of a caddie at Pinehurst is liable to change during tournament and league events, with the potential for caddies to earn more than the average sum when there is a large prize pool available.

How Many Caddies Does Pinehurst Have?

Pinehurst currently has 100 caddies on its staff for the spring, summer, and fall seasons. This total includes both normal caddies and forecaddies. The job of these golf enthusiasts is to assist in ball location, to carry clubs, to select clubs to use, and to help guide players through the various intricacies and layouts of the multiple courses available to play at the Pinehurst resort. To contract a caddie for a round of golf, a request must be made at the golf shop, where one also pays for the round.

Should You Get a Caddie at Pinehurst?

Considering that Pinehurst is ranked as one of the best golf courses in the United States, a caddie is recommended. The composition of the soil at Pinehurst is 25% clay, which allows for numerous subtleties and formations to be sculpted during the construction of the links. Part of a caddie’s job is to be familiar with and knowledgeable of every aspect of the course, from the hazards to the greens. This knowledge base would be incredibly useful to any player tackling one of Pinehurst's nine courses. Skill and knowledge possessed by the caddies will make it easier to select shot locations and find balls after a bad hit.


How much should I tip a caddie at Pinehurst?

The expected gratuity for a caddie at Pinehurst is $50 per bag for normal caddies and $30 per bag for forecaddies. While you can tip any amount you’d like, the $50 gratuity is expected as the minimum tip for the services provided by the caddie. Any tip for a caddie or forecaddie should be increased depending on the size of your party and the amount of bags the caddie is carrying.