How Much Do Caddies At Pebble Beach Make?

How Much Do Caddies At Pebble Beach Make

A caddie plays an essential role in a golfer performing to the best of their ability during their round. Their main responsibilities include handing the golfer their clubs, keeping the golfer’s equipment clean, and providing the golfer support throughout the round. Pebble Beach in California is home to the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-AM, one of the most renowned tournaments in professional golf. Keep reading to find out how much a caddie at Pebble Beach makes on a typical day and during the PGA Tour!

Caddie Salary at Pebble Beach

A caddie’s salary at Pebble Beach includes the Base Caddie Fee and Referral Fee, which the caddie receives during check-in before the round starts. The Referral Fees then vary based on the caddie’s length of service. They range from $13-$38 per walking bag and $6.50-$15.50 per forecaddie bag. A single-bag-carrying caddie makes $150 per round, a double-bag carrying caddie makes $200 per round, and a forecaddie makes $150 or $200 per round depending on if they are serving three or four golfers, respectively. The expected tip on top of this base amount is typically $35-$60 per bag for a double caddie, $55-$80 per bag for a single caddie, and $25-$40 for a forecaddie.

Caddie Salary at the Pebble Beach Pro-AM

A caddie’s salary is much higher during the Pebble Beach Pro-AM, which takes place in early February. The caddie and professional golfer will discuss and agree upon the caddie’s salary; therefore, the amount of money each caddie makes during the Pebble Beach Pro-AM will vary. A caddie’s salary can range from $1,500-$3,000 per week during the PGA Tour. The money the caddie receives will account for their work, as well as airfare, hotel, car, food, and all other expenses.

In addition to their set salary, the caddie will also receive a certain percentage of their golfer’s performance-based earnings. The caddie will even typically receive 10% of their golfer’s earnings if they win the tournament. The caddie will also receive 7% of the golfer’s earnings if they finish in the top 10, and 5% for any other result.

2022 Pebble Beach Pro-AM Caddie Salary

The 2022 Pebble Beach Pro-AM winner was Tom Hoge. He finished two clear of Jordan Spieth at 19 under par. As a result of his performance, he won $1,566,000. This means that if Hoge’s caddie received 10% of his winnings, he received $156,600 in addition to the weekly salary the golfer and caddie agreed upon. This means that the winning golfer’s caddie at the Pebble Beach Pro-AM could make somewhere in the ballpark of $160,000.


How much should I tip a caddie at Pebble Beach?

The expected tip for a caddie at Pebble Beach varies depending on the number of bags the caddie is responsible for, as well as if they are a regular caddie or a forecaddie. The expected tips are $35-$60 per bag for a double caddie, $55-$80 per bag for a single caddie, and $25-$40 for a forecaddie. However, the tip the caddie receives is much higher and percentage-based during the Pebble Beach Pro-AM.