How Much Do Caddies At Bandon Dunes Make?

How Much Do Caddies At Bandon Dunes Make

Bandon Dunes, located in Bandon, Oregon, is regarded as one of the most beautiful links courses in the United States. In addition to its stunning views and coastal atmosphere, the Bandon Dunes Resort is also home to some of the most sought-after and professional caddies on the market. How much do the caddies at Bandon Dunes make? Keep reading to find out!

How Much Do Caddies Make at Bandon Dunes?

The average monthly salary for a caddie at the Bandon Dunes golf resort is $4,220. This figure is the average of all 350 caddies currently employed by Bandon dunes and includes both the caddie fee and the gratuity the caddies receive for their services. Some of the best caddies at Bandon Dunes are able to make even more than this, earning $500 a day through double bagging and repeat customers.

How Much Does a Caddie Cost at Bandon Dunes?

The cost of hiring a caddie at Bandon dunes is a flat rate of $100 per bag. This figure is adjusted when playing in a group. When playing in a group of four or more golfers, the caddie fee is split among the members of the party. The price is $40 per player per bag for groups of four golfers, while groups of two cost $60 per player per bag. This rate does not include gratuity. It is expected that all golfers will tip a caddie, as the nature of the caddie’s job is physically and mentally taxing.

Should You Get a Caddie at Bandon Dunes?

You should absolutely get a caddie when playing the Bandon Dunes course. Beyond the fact that the caddies available for your rounds are the best of the best, there are a few other reasons why a caddie is highly recommended for play at Bandon. For instance, Bandon Dunes is a links golf course; this means coastal weather, high winds, and a high level of angulation and asymmetry on the surfaces of the greens.

The caddies present at the Bandon Resort know every inch of the course and every dimple on the greens. By having a caddie present, your focus can be entirely on your game, as opposed to worrying about the layout of the course. A second reason to get a caddie at Bandon Dunes is that it is a no-cart course. The only option for any prospective golfer is to walk the course and carry their clubs. By having a caddie, the physical strain of the rough terrain takes less of a toll on your game.


How much should I tip a caddie at Bandon Dunes?

It is recommended that you tip a caddie at Bandon Dunes at least $25 in gratuity per bag. The caddies present at Bandon are among some of the best in the world and are actually trained for the profession at the resort itself. The amount you tip should be dependent on the number of bags and people in your party. The more bags you have, the more you should tip.