How Much Do British Open Tickets Cost?

How Much Do British Open Tickets Cost

The British Open has been operating for 150 years. Through the years, more and more people are coming to attend. However, due to the influx of attendees, the Open has had to create a system for how people can get tickets. The main avenues are purchasing tickets through the Open Ticket Ballot, choosing one of The Open’s Official Hospitality experiences, or purchasing a ticket or hospitality inclusive package. 

Open Ticket Ballot

Due to the popularity of the British Open, the Open created a ballot system. It made it so that all general admission tickets for the Open are sold based on a form sent in by hopeful attendees. If their ballot is selected, they will be given the opportunity to purchase tickets and attend the Open.

For the 150th Open, hopeful attendees had to fill out a ballot to attend between July 1st and October 4th, 2021. The results were announced in October and November, and the Open was set for July 10-17, 2022.

The prices for the tickets range depending on your age and what day you want to attend. For adults, the price for the first day of the tournament is $24.92 (£20). By the last day, the price increased to $118.37 (£95). It’s cheaper for youth tickets, which are sold for ages 16 to 24. The first day ticket is $12.46 (£10) and the last day is $59.19 (£47.50) for youth tickets. Anyone who attends under the age of 16 can attend for free. However, they must be accompanied by a spectator over the age of 18 who has purchased a ticket, and these free tickets are also subject to availability.

Hospitality Packages

For people who want to get the most out of their experience with the British Open, there are different hospitality packages to choose from. Each package has a different price point every year, ranging from as low as $600 to upwards of $7,000 for the week. British Open packages are as follows, in order of most expensive to least:

  • Champions package: Includes accommodations, Q & A with a past player, reserved seating in the 18th Green Grandstand, a behind the scenes tour, and more.
  • Medallist package: Includes Q & A with a past player, choice of 1st hole or 17th hole grandstand seats, private tables, and more. 
  • Engravers package: Includes a private balcony on the upper level, private tables, a view overlooking the Old Courses’ Par 5 14th fairway, fast track entrance, and more.
  • Caddies package: Includes private lower-level balcony, parking pass, souvenir program, full TV coverage of play, and more.
  • Clubmakers package: Includes private garden access, souvenir program, private tables, and more.
  • Greenkeepers premium package: Includes Private tables, souvenir program, private garden, and more.
  • Greenkeepers package: Includes private gardens, private restroom facilities, informal unreserved seating, and more.
  • Scorers premium package: Includes parking pass, private garden area with TV coverage, private restroom facilities, and more.  
  • Scorers package: Includes a facility where you have full TV coverage, a private garden, informal unreserved seating inside and out, and more. 

Top-Tier Tickets

For those who want a weeklong ticket that will get you access to the best of what the tournament has to offer, the ticket will be around $11,500, including taxes. This includes access to the best spots to watch the tournament, along with gourmet food. Those who purchase top-tier experience tickets have access to reserved seating in the 18th green grandstand, behind the scenes experiences where they have access to restricted areas only used by VIPs and media, a personal shopping experience, a Q&A with a past or present player, private tables, full TV coverage, and more. For food, top-tier ticket-holders get a full Scottish breakfast, an à la carte lunch, traditional afternoon tea, and complimentary premium drinks.