How Is Pitching Different From Chipping In Golf?

Pitch Shots vs Chip Shots

Chipping: Getting the ball on the green as fast as possible and then allowing it to roll out.

Pitching: Uses more air and backspin to stick the ball closer to the hole and eliminate much roll.

In golf, chip shots and pitch shots are two of the most important shots. These shots use two different techniques to get a similar job done. There are many factors that may go into choosing between the two techniques. These include the skill level of the golfer, potential obstacles, and the conditions of the grass the ball will be travelling across.

Chip shots are lower shots used to get the ball onto the green fast and then allow the ball to roll towards the hole. Chip shots are used when there is a clear path to the hole and a flat green that can allow the ball to roll straight. When hitting a chip shot it is important to try to alleviate as much spin as possible. As a result, the ball will travel flatter and roll forward quicker.

Pitch shots use a higher trajectory and try to remove movement when the ball lands. The best pitch shots "stick" when they land on the green. This means the ball barely rolls in one direction or the other. Pitch shots may be used if a player is extremely accurate or if there is an obstacle that needs to be avoided. Players will attempt to loft the ball up and create backspin. The backspin will cause the ball to move minimally when it lands.

Strike point on Chip Shot vs Pitch Shot