How Far Can You Hit The Ball With A 3-iron In Golf?

How Far Can You Hit The Ball With A 3-iron In Golf

The 3 iron should go the furthest of any iron and slightly less distance than fairway woods or driver. The actual distance depends on the skill of the golfer and his ability level. It could be 125 yards or as many as 250 yards.

In the Golf Bag

Every club in the golf bag is important and they fit together like a puzzle. Each one hits the ball for a different reason and a different distance. These distances build off of one another as the longer clubs hit the ball further going all the way up to the driver. The 3 iron in particular is usually the longest iron in the golf bag so it will hit the ball the furthest of any iron that a golfer has. It should hit the golf ball further than any other irons, while hitting it slightly less distance than the fairway woods and the driver. Many golfers in modern times substitute in a hybrid club for the 3 iron but both fit into the puzzle the same way.


3 Iron Distance

The 3 iron should theoretically be the iron that is hit the furthest. This depends on the golfer means anywhere from 125 to 250 yards. Swing speed and skill level determine the exact distance. Many average golfers have difficulty hitting a 3 iron consistently well so it may not go as far as it is supposed in many cases. As we can see below the disparity of a 3 iron is much higher than many other clubs in the bag.

This golfer should aim to hit a 3 iron about 200 yards however the chances that it happens every time are very low. It is a difficult club to hit which means usually the distance that it goes is shorter than expected a lot of the times that it is hit. All in all, the 3 iron is the longest iron in the bag and can be hit the furthest of any irons in the golf bag.