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How Do You Qualify For Champions Golf Tour?

how to qualify for the champions golf tour
The Champions Golf Tour is Highly Competitive and Exclusive
78 Total SpotsMust Be 50 Years or Older
Play in Regional Qualifier Unless Otherwise Exempt$3,000 Application Fee

The Champions Golf Tour is a very competitive tournament. Many of the greatest golfers of all time including Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson have participated in this tour. To be part of this company, you will have to go through a pretty tough qualifying process. If one wants to qualify for the tournament, you must either be a professional PGA Golfer or a highly skilled amateur golfer. If you do not fall under one of those two categories, you will likely not be considered.

You also need to be at least 50 years of age, or 49 and turning 50 before the date of June 1, 2020. You also must apply online and pay a fee of $3,000. With the application, you will also need two letters of reference from a Class A PGA Pro or Champions Tour Member. You are also required to show a copy of your birth certificate, and results from two tournaments held in the last year.

Amateurs who meet the age criteria are entitled to enter the 2020 PGA Tour Champions Qualifying Tournament. An Amateur who who finishes among the top 30 at this event must forfeit their status as an amateur to play in the PGA Tour Even Champions Qualifier. When you are in the top 12 of the qualifying stage, the top 5 will be fully exempt, and the next 7 will be reserves and will be able to compete in Champions Tour events on a space-available basis.


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