How Do You Add Spin With An Iron Club In Golf?

How Do You Add Spin With An Iron Club In Golf

What is Backspin?

Backspin is when the golf ball spins backwards while moving forwards through the air. This means that when the ball hits the ground, it will move backwards instead of rolling forwards. Backspin is a useful tool in the golfer's arsenal, as it can make the golfer more accurate and can be used on tricky and technical greens.

To add backspin, the golfer must hit down on the ball. When the golfer hits down on the ball, extra force is exerted from the top of the ball to the bottom of the ball, creating backspin.

Tips for Improving Backspin

Backspin can be achieved by setting up to take your shot with the ball closer to the back foot than usual, or "deeper" in your stance. By setting up with the ball deeper in your stance, the golf club will hit the ball at a downward angle, which is the most essential part of generating backspin.

Keeping Your Club Velocity Constant

Another useful tip for creating backspin is to keep a constant velocity throughout your contact with the ball. This will keep the ball "in place" as your club moves under it, increasing backspin. If your club velocity slows down as you make contact, the ball will roll up the club face, decreasing backspin once the ball leaves the club.

Following Through with Your Eyes

Golf Following Through

Visualization and follow-through are two important keys to getting adequate loft, which will enable you to get more backspin. Because getting enough loft is hard when using irons, it's important that you follow the ball up into the air with your eyes after your swing and contact. Chances are you'll make better contact with the ball that will encourage it to fly higher (and with greater spin). After all, the ball goes where the eyes go. Below we see pro golfer Ricky Fowler looking skyward with his eyes, following the path of his ball after contact.